1 Pound Brass Ergo Hammer

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This brass-head hammer with one flat face and one ball-peen face delivers great power and extreme maneuverability; the short, rubber ergonomic comfort handle allows for excellent grip, easy control and precise accuracy. This 1-lb. hammer is ideal for striking alphabet, numeric and design stamps of all sizes. Ball-peen hammers feature at least one ball-shaped face, ideal for "peening" (spreading) rivet heads to seat them and for shaping, flattening, texturing and other light forging work. These hammers are also useful for light forging and for striking steel metal-forming tools. Brass-head mallets feature a heavy head that maximizes the efficiency of each blow and reduces bounce-back. Ideal for use with stamping, dapping and cutting tools, these hammers have relatively soft brass heads that won’t damage steel tools and won't scratch or mar the surface of the metal.




  • Face shape : Domed/Flat
  • Face size : 1" dia. (25mm)
  • Overall length/dimensions : 6-1/4"
  • Head length/dimensions : 3-3/4" x 1"
  • Head type : Ball-peen
  • Head weight : 1 lb. (454g)
  • Country of origin : China