About us

Bead It! was born in 1992. It all started when the Barry's were visiting California. Brendan was in seminars all day and Jill found herself wandering into a little bead store. She immediately fell in love with the beads and shared this new interest with her husband. Brendan was overcome with nostalgia as he remembered when he used to make jewelry as a teen. From there, they started to dream of owning a business together so that they might have more time with their growing family. As they planted this little bead dream they never imagined it would grow to be the beautiful, blossoming bead business it is today.

We take great pride in the products we offer and most items are still hand selected by Jill or Brendan. Not only do we have great products but we also carry a huge selection of beads, findings, tools, books, string, wire and everything else you'd need to create the jewelry of your dreams. We have a service oriented & friendly staff. We strive to provide challenging and fun classes to broaden the minds of beginners and advanced beaders.