Sunshine Satin Cloth

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Sunshine® Satin is a pink two-in-one cloth featuring a micro-abrasive polishing cloth bonded to a fine-abrasive sanding cloth. The darker-color side is the sanding cloth—ideal for shaping contours, smoothing out surface scratches and producing a smooth satin finish on metal. The lighter-color side is a micro-abrasive polishing cloth that's slightly more aggressive than our original yellow Sunshine Cloth—ideal for cleaning, removing tarnish and polishing jewelry, gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals. The cloth is exceptionally pliable, conforming effectively to surface contours and getting easily into crevices without creasing or tearing. Ideal for final finishing, Sunshine Satin is a strong addition to the Sunshine family you depend on at your bench.


  • Brand : Sunshine Cloth
  • Dimensions : 7-1/2"L x 5"W
  • Country of origin : Japan