Bezeled Ring | Prerequisite: 16 years old ~

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  • In this class you will be able to fabricate your own gemstone and sterling silver ring. You will learn how to solder and make a bezel cup from sheet metal and bezel wire, how to size and attach a ring shank to the bezel cup, and the proper way to bezel set a stone, as well as filing, sanding, and polishing techniques. 

Prerequisite: 16 Years Old

Instructor: Jackie Sterling

Length: 4 hours

Materials needed (all can be purchased in-store)

  • Either a 10mm x 12mm oval or 12mm round gemstone cabochon
  • 4-6 inches of Sterling silver half round 6 gauge wire
  • 3 inches of 3/32” x 28gauge fine silver bezel wire 
  • Hard, Medium and Easy grades of silver solder
  • Sterling Silver 24g sheet

Length: 4 hours